Deadman’s Prophecy actual band name & active members were
formed in 2016. The band is known as a nu metal & death metal,
progressive style.

Beginning (2016 to 2018):
Deadman’s Prophecy is performing on their first gigs, working on
their first songs and developing arts. The band is looking for a
steady bassist and participate to the contest «Omnium du rock»
at Trois-Rivières. They will perform with the bands Strigampire &

Gigs (2019):
Will perform more in 2019 with other good bands like Death note
Silence, Obscure Mantra, Code: Lisa, Beyond Fiction, & Killborn.

Pandemic (2020):
The covid 19 pandemic is causing a massive break for the scene so the group
released their first demo called Deadman’s Prophecy. It can be ear on
multiple platforms. The guys also released a lyric video for the song
Reduce/Control, on youtube.

Also did a shooting photo of the group at the manufacture (Carl and
Tommy workplace) after a fire ravaged the shop, leaving the place in ruins.

Québec Rock Contest, Rock La Cauze & Breakout tour (2021):

Deadman’s prophecy is performing at the Québec Rock Contest
and will end winning the grand final of metal category.

Summer 2021, the band is playing at Rock la cauze festival of

Falls 2021, Break Out Tour with Lancaster, Last Dance Among
Wolves, Outlying, FX May Vary, and the GMPQ media for some
gigs (Québec, Trois-Rivières, Drummondville, Montréal).

New single & Gigs (2022):
The band is starting some works for a future album
and new single Broken Body is released with new artwork.

Participation in the 9th edition of the festival Rock Fest pour la Santé Mental.

USA Maine & Ottawa gigs Foufoune Électrique gig with Reanimator
Gigs & new album (2023-2024):

Entité gig with Necronomicon, & Local gig with Last dance among
wolves and change my brain with cakes. Deadman’s prophecy
released their new album » The Vanishing Dawn »